27E Services Spotlight: Instagram Hashtag Printing

A huge trend in the wedding industry right now is having a service where guests can be interactive and have some fun throughout the night. The most intriguing aspect of this is when your guests get to take something home with them to remember the night.

Photo booths are especially popular right now because of this. They are fun for your guests, but in they end they won’t be fun for you. Photo booths are often located in a corner of your reception room or in a separate room completely. This means less people on the dance floor celebrating with you. So how do you provide your guests a fun photo service without them spending the majority of their night away from the dance floor? Enter our Instagram Hashtag Printing service.

Our Instagram Hashtag Printing service is a fun and unique way to spice up your wedding reception. Click on the video below for a full explanation of what this service is and some of the benefits that it provides:

Our Hashtag Printer integrates 2 things your guests are already going to be using throughout the night: social media and their phone camera. The photos print instantly and can be picked up at any time throughout the night. This means more time to party with you throughout the evening!

The best part of this service is that at the end of the night, you could have hundreds of high quality photos taken from all your guests to have as a keepsake to remember your special night.