A Merry Time with Merry People

Orange balloons. Orange flowers. Orange boas. Orange chicken. Those are just a few of the MANY different orange products strategically placed throughout Merry Me Events’ new design space in Edwardsburg, Michigan (about 20 minutes north of South Bend) for their 10th Anniversary celebration.

This past Thursday, May 19th, a few of us at 27 Entertainment had the pleasure of being invited to this spectacular event. Cher Goggins (owner/principle designer) and her “Team Orange” did a wonderful job hosting and decorating their orange themed gala. With a room full of past/present/future clients and different vendors who have worked with Merry Me through the years, all who attended were able to network, connect, eat, drink, and simply, be merry.

Many vendors donated their time and goods to support Cher on her accomplishments over the past 10 years. Café Navarre catered the small bites spread and, as you may have guessed, the majority of the food was orange themed (my personal favorites being the orange chicken, steak skewers with orange peppers, and the roasted carrots). PaperThread provided the intricate, beautiful and detailed table decorations. SugarRush Desserts and Sweet Elegance whipped up some sweet cookies and cakes to the dessert bar while The Pretzee Co. supplied the most amazing chocolate AND caramel dipped pretzel rods!

We had the opportunity to showcase one of our newest package offerings for the guests who attended, our Instagram printer service. Using software we created, our Instagram printers allow guests to simply post a picture to Instagram on their public accounts using a designated hashtag and receive a high quality printout of that picture almost instantaneously. Think of it as a Polaroid for the 21st Century. 

We also set up a slo-mo booth as a way to liven up the already fun party even more. Orange accessories were provided to anyone who dared to increase his or her “goofiness” level. The most entertaining item used, and my personal favorite (sorry Wade), was definitely the orange silly string. Check out the crazy highlight footage below:

Congrats to Cher and Merry Me Events and the rest of Team Orange for 10 successful years! Raise your glasses (most likely Creamsicles or Blood Orange Margaritas) and toast to 10 more years of beautiful events! And 10 more years after that. And after that. And after that…