How Do You Know What Music to Play at Our Wedding?!

Your wedding DJ is one of the most vital pieces when it comes to the flow and energy of your big day. DJ’s are hired to be the emcee for the night, ensuring everything goes as smoothly as possible, and to choose music that keeps the party going from beginning to end.

In a day filled with highlights, from your first look to your “I Do’s” to finally sitting down to eat, the dancing tends to be the most fun part of it all. You finally get to cut loose and celebrate with all your loved ones, listening to some of your favorite and most meaningful songs throughout the course of the night. But how do you get to that point? What exactly is the song selection process like?

Below are some common questions that we at 27 Entertainment have answered that will make you more knowledgable on what to expect from this process:

1) Should I make playlists for you on exactly what I want to hear during dancing?

Playlists are WELCOME, but are not MANDATORY. We love when our couples give us music requests. Whether it’s 3 songs you want to hear or 30, your requests give our DJs a chance to get a better feel of what your musical tastes are. We’ll then cater your reception closer to your tastes. If you tell us 12 songs that are “Must Plays”, all of which are Pop and Hip-Hop, we probably won’t play too much Country that night.

But what if you don't have many specific song requests? Don’t worry! Our professional DJ’s have done so many weddings that we know how a typical night can go and will adjust the rest of the night based on the tastes of your guests.

2) How do you select songs during the night? Are the selections kind of random?

We are professional DJ’s, not glorified iPod Shuffles. It is our job to make sure the music you hear on your wedding night not only reflects your musical tastes, but also the tastes of your guests. We like to read how everyone is reacting to the songs being played and adjust song selections based on the flow of the night. Because of this, we like to play songs in “sets” throughout the night. If we transition to a Funk moment in the night, we’ll typically play at least 3 Funk songs back to back to back before transitioning to a different genre of music. This keeps the flow of the night go much more smoothly than playing a Funk song then a Country song then a Rock song.

3) Am I supposed to choose songs for any of the specific dances, or does the DJ?

You should definitely be the one to determine the first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, introduction and last songs. Couples tend to enjoy these parts of the night more when they took the time to choose songs that truly mean something to them, instead of rushing at the last moment and having the DJ decide. Take the time in the weeks prior to your wedding to come up with songs that are personal. If there really isn’t a specific intro or mother/son song that you can think of, our DJ’s are more than happy to help and give you some ideas.

4) I have to select all my Cocktail and Dinner music too?

Too many couples stress about creating 20+ song playlists for their Cocktail and Dinner hours. Although music during those hours is important, it isn’t the main focus during that time. Having some drinks and eating delicious food is what the majority of your guests (and you) are interested in. The music played will essentially be background noise. Now, this doesn’t mean that what the DJ plays is insignificant. We make sure to play types/genres of music that suit your personalities and likes without needing hours of work from you. We have created tons of different types of Cocktail and Dinner playlists that satisfy all types of needs and wants. From Country Cocktail to Crooner Dinner, we have it all. If you WANT to write out a complete list of songs you want to hear during those hours, great! We are just trying to make this process as simple and easy as possible for you.

5) Are line dances cheesy or fun?

These dances can be very hit or miss. For the most part, we categorize most of the line dances out there with the rest of the cheesy dances (i.e. the Chicken Dance, YMCA, Macarena, etc.) We’ve seen that over the past few years, these are becoming less and less popular to dance to. Yes, this includes the Electric Slide and even the Cha Cha Slide (RIP). The only ones we do nowadays are the Cupid Shuffle and the Wobble. This is just our own rule of thumb. Let your DJ know if you absolutely have to hear the Electric Slide (or anything else we don’t typically play) at your wedding reception and he would LOVE to play it for you!

Now, this list doesn’t exhaust every possible question or concern you may have. If you have any questions for us or if you simply want to find out more about 27 Entertainment, please do not hesitate to contact us!