Our Journey with Kyle + Ashley

On April 30, 2016 our team had the pleasure of filming and DJ-ing the wedding of Kyle and Ashley Shaparski at Journeyman Distillery in Three Oaks, Michigan. Kyle and Ashley were amazing people to work with. Not only did they make a beautiful couple, but they were also very energetic, fun and sweet people to be around.

From start to finish, Kyle and Ashley's wedding day was full of memorable moments. Ashley's good friend was the officiant of the wedding which tends to make the ceremony that much more special. Their vows were so meaningful and heartfelt that one of our filmmakers was almost brought to tears (*cough John). The whole night was full of smiles and laughs, especially during the gut-busting speech from the Best Man.

All the above were highlights our crew noted from the day, but the consensus best part of it all was how amazing the dancing was all night long! Our DJ's are a passionate bunch who feed off the energy of the dance floor. And that dance floor was electric!

A great feature that comes with our film packages is our teaser video. It's an edited but quick snapshot of what the feature film is going to be like. Check out Kyle and Ashley's cliffhanger trailer below:

Journeyman Distillery was the perfect venue for this perfect couple. A restored featherbone factory from the late 19th century, Journeyman has all the modern amenities necessary to host an incredible wedding night without losing it’s historic feel.

The upstairs hall has tons of wide-open space but is very well lit. Bistro lighting is strung across the rafters in the most elegant of ways. We’ve worked at a lot of venues in the past years, but this reception hall is easily one of the most picturesque.

Those of you reading this who are wondering how the drink selection and food is, ponder no more. For one thing, it’s a whiskey distillery producing some of the best tasting ryes and bourbons in the country. The only thing that could even come close to rivaling the whiskey at Journeyman is the finely crafted food. High-quality whiskey AND incredible food? What more could you want in a wedding venue!

It’s such a great feeling to be a part of a couple’s special day, but when that couple has nothing but nice things to say about us and our services it reaffirms why we absolutely love our jobs. Read Kyle’s five-star review below:

From start to finish, 27 Entertainment helped to make our wedding a day simply amazing. We initially signed on for just their DJ service, they were highly recommended to us by another couple, and we are so happy that we chose them. Mike was awesome to work with and was just as excited as we were leading up to the day itself. After quickly bonding over our music preferences and choices, Mike continued to be organized and thorough over the course of the entire planning process. we would have been lost with out him!

As we continued to plan our wedding, unforeseen circumstances pointed in the direction of 27 Entrainment's Videography services. With the absence of a pivotal person in our wedding, we wanted to make sure we could capture everything, so that the day could be revisited. Not only was our videography request on very short notice, but it was almost like they had been on standby the whole time. AGAIN, we were taken back by how awesome everyone at 27 Entertainment was to work with. both videographers went above and beyond to capture the nuances of our wedding day. (hats off to them for working so close with our photographer, who was from a totally different company)

Not only would we recommend 27 Entertainment to anyone, but we will be pushing our friends to them as well! Thanks again 27, you all worked so hard for us and made our wedding day a day that we will never forget!!!

The 2016 wedding season has just begun, but Kyle and Ashley’s wedding will definitely be a memorable one for us.