27E Services Spotlight: Dinner on Vinyl

Dinner on Vinyl pic.jpg

There’s nothing quite like listening to your favorite albums on vinyl. Being able to hear the songs as they were made to be heard, with all those little cracks and breaks. With 27 Entertainment’s Dinner on Vinyl service, you can experience these same sounds at your wedding.

Instead of playing downloaded MP3 versions of songs, our DJ’s will bring a vinyl player and play 3 of your favorite albums through the speakers. In advance of your big day, you’ll have the opportunity to select 3 of your absolute favorite (or special or meaningful) albums that you want played during the dinner portion of your reception and our staff will make sure we get them. Before dinner officially starts, our DJ’s will explain to your guests why you chose these 3 special albums. Click on the video below for a full explanation of what this service is and some of the benefits that it provides:

This package option is a great way to set your reception apart and make it more personal. Your guests will leave the reception knowing that the night “felt like you”.